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It's all easy when you learn our simple proven strategy for quickly making your relationship peaceful, content, and exciting again. Stop fighting, start loving. It's not hard when you know how.

Are You Tired of Fighting?

He shouts something that makes her shiver. He's angry at her. Her eyes practically throw sparks at him. She shouts back. Both of you are frustrated, sad, and wonder how your relationship got so off track.

We're professional counselors and coaches. After years of struggling to keep our own relationship exciting and peaceful, we discovered the secret. It was hidden in the latest scientific research. 

What we learned was eye opening and revolutionary.

Almost over night our relationship was back on track. The fighting abruptly stopped. We were communicating effectively and really valuing and appreciating each other.

What changed? It was a simple shift in the way we thought about each other. There were some easy things to try that converted anger and frustration to love and understanding.

We soon began sharing those proven methods with other couples. It worked. People who fought constantly and felt they were losing their relationship suddenly saw things turn around. They were fighting less or not at all. Frustration and anger were replaced by tenderness, love, and passion.

They used our simple 1-2-3 fight resolution method to start communicating again. Couples quickly recovered the love and deep satisfaction they hadn't experienced since their early days together.

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How to Stop Conflict and Communicate Better
 With Your Partner

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Put Romance Back in Your Life

Anybody who is in a relationship is eventually going to get into a fight. That's natural. It doesn't mean you aren't right for each other or your relationship has gone bad and is about to end. Anytime we are intimately involved with another person, fights are going to happen sooner or later. It's how you resolve fights that makes the difference.

Not resolving a fight or resolving it poorly can cause even more conflict and difficulty. One fight leads to another. It becomes a sad cycle that neither partner can find their way out of. What do you do?

Not many parents teach their children how to fight. Marital Fighting 101 is not a course taught in high school or even college. There is no fighting handbook passed out when you get a marriage license or start a relationship.

Even as trained psychologists we didn't initially understand how our own relationship was ailing and headed for serious problems. It was the professional research we did that gave us a far better understanding. We discovered simple ideas and methods for resolving conflicts in any relationship.

Why Couples Fight

Top researchers have studied whey couples fight for decades. Longitudinal studies track couples for 10, 20, even 30 years. Some relationships burn brightly for a few years, then develop problems and burn out. Other relationships move along happily decade after decade with remarkable peace and happiness. Researchers wanted to know why?

What they discovered is couples who focus on solving problems rather than making each other happy often end up in fights. The continued lack of focus on each other can drive partners further and further apart.

  • You feel like he no longer cares about you. He doesn't even try to understand what you are feeling or why you feel that way. You are alone and emotionally abandoned.
  • He thinks she is too interested in the other parts of her life. She no longer says the nice things she used to. She is clearly not as interested in him as she used to be. He wonders if he is losing her.
  • When there is a disagreement over an action, a value, or a direction forward, the conversation can quickly devolve into a fight. Fights might be low key or they could be loud and boisterous
  • If children are present, you worry the fights might be scaring them or teaching kids behaviors that could be repeated in their relationships later on.

Mostly you just want the fighting to end. You want to be happy, content, and loving with your partner again. You just need a way forward. Some clear, easy to duplicate steps.

  • You need to know how to avoid turning a problem into a fight
  • How to keep a fight from getting out of hand
  • How to avoid disagreements with better understanding
  • The simple steps to dramatically improve communication
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    How to turn the other cheek and show love that transforms
  • arrow-right
    Ways to build respect for your partner and get more respect for you in return
  • arrow-right
    The easy to understand method to achieve far better happiness
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    Put love, understanding, and passion back in your lives

This and much more is fully covered in our 50 video online course. Even just one of these videos will give you enough information to easily and quickly transform your relationship toward a positive outcome.

Spend a few minutes watching videos each day, after work, on your day off, or over the weekend. Watch them alone at first. When your spouse sees the big changes in you, he or she may want to start watching the videos with you.

Soon you are both behaving differently to each other. You're communicating and understand each other. Fights are not happening nearly as often. Instead you feel love, contentment, and a growing affection that makes you feel the wonderful way you haven't felt in years.

Take just a moment to get Access to this proven relationship course. You owe it to yourself, your relationship, your family, and your future.

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Client Testimonials

My relationship with my husband has evolved so much since I've been listening to Dr. Todd’s Facebook segments. I have learned to listen more to my husband as I often dominate the marriage. It used to be my way, and I used to malice my husband for days/weeks if I didn’t get my way.

The most significant takeaway is that I realized how broken I was; it’s based on my childhood and what I was exposed to, growing up with my West Indian parents.

Therapy is not for everyone. But if you can admit to yourself that you are not happy with yourself or with your partner, consulting or listening to Dr. Todd is worth a try. He is transparent and very astute on relationship conflicts. I’ve been in therapy for about a year now, and it’s way different from the way Dr. Todd presents it. I used to blame myself for a lot of conflicts in my marriage. But after participating in his workshops I quickly realized we both have lots of unresolved issues. I can now instantly identify my faults and my spouse’s demise during a conflict. My marriage is now stronger and healthier.


Just jumped the on the “Couples Fight School” train and have been already gaining wonderful insight on how to “fight” for my marriage the right way! So far, I’ve already seen multiple videos of various marriage topics in their archive and watched two of their broadcasts live and *already* have learned some valuable insights! The couple is super-friendly, encouraging, humorous, always open for questions/comments, and I love their fresh perspectives and approach to handling marriage conflicts/issues. The effort they put into setting aside time to talk to the community each week is greatly appreciated! It’s pretty fun! I hope soon I can see them in person and sign up for a Couples Fight School event! Thanks a bunch!!


I have gotten some excellent advice and words of counsel from Dr. Todd and Mrs. Todd. It has been a great experience so far. Definitely looking forward to learning more.


Being able to connect with Couples Fight School’s live discussions is so refreshing. Professional and genuine advice on hard topics in relationships definitely helps put things in perspective.


Whether the topic affects me indirectly or directly, I appreciate the exchange of knowledge and thoughts. Thank you for sharing the knowledge and time.


I love the advice given on here. It’s not one-sided and can help both genders. The tools given here are meant to help save relationships, and they do help you find clarity.


​My husband and I have been in a relationship/marriage together for over fifteen years and I get insight on what’s healthy, boundaries, and having a fight plan. This page is a Godsend for couples wanting to continue working on and tweaking your relationship with your other half.

Excellent advice. I’ve gotten so much from listening to your live feed. Looking forward to seeing you both in person at a workshop. Highly recommended!



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