Love More. Fight Less.

3 Day Couples

- Presenters -
Carlos Todd,
Ph.D., LCMHC & Natasha Pemberton-Todd, LCMHCS

You will learn the following:

  • little-known method to start communicating with your partner that will make you recover the love and deep satisfaction you hadn’t experienced since your early days together.

  • How to properly listen to one another and become aware of your “Reaction and Response” to any given situation. We’ll teach you our Foundational Shifts that are different from anything you’ve done before, that will change your marriage for good. ​ ​
  • Learn exactly How to keep a fight from getting out of hand and what you can do to make a lasting positive change.(This will stop you from riding the roller coaster of highs and lows in your relationship.

  • The simple steps to dramatically improve communication to avoid disagreements with a better understanding

  • The easy-to-understand method to achieve far better happiness, love, understanding, and passion back in your lives

  • How to truly make lasting change in your relationship (In the video will work with you to determine the reasons for your continuing conflict, and then provide you with the specific tools you need to work past that conflict and enjoy a mutually loving, respectful relationship).