"Love More. Fight Less 3 Day Couples Challenge"
Jan. 23-25, 2023 7PM

Does your marriage feel like it’s good on the outside, but behind closed doors it's a cycle of the same repeated fights? Say hello to... the Love More. Fight Less 3 day Challenge.

That you can Plug’n’play  to  Stop Your Conflict Dead In Its Tracks… And Unlock the Intense Affection In Your Relationship Again.

Get Instant Access to our 1-2-3 fight resolution method to SAVE  your relationship ,RECONNECT You with your spouse, IMPROVE your love-life and TURN every conflict into even greater connection.

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- Presenters -
Carlos Todd,
Ph.D., LCMHC & Natasha Pemberton-Todd, LCMHCS

Finding it hard to eliminate painful conflict, restore respect, love and intimacy in your relationship?

Here is a Game-Changing Challenge Created Specially For You To Stop Fighting & Start Loving…

…works even if your relationship has been considered “impossible to revive.”

INSIDE: You’ll learn EXACTLY what you need to do to communicate effectively, so you can start living with your spouse more freely, without worrying about the next argument.

If you want to know exactly how to have a more happy, loving and fulfilling relationship with not just your partner but YOURSELF…This is for you!

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Do Any of These Describe Your Relationship?

Remember how you felt when you first got serious with your partner

…The excitement

…The Happiness

…and all the tingling feelings in the air

It was awesome in the beginning…

But at some point, it got hard.

Constant Arguments



Unending conflicts

It begins to feel like your partner isn't listening to you or taking what you say into account.

And in a bid to stop that…

Chances are, you’ve tried doing what you “think” would work but to no avail…

Yet, the arguments never cease, and it’s preventing you and your partner from moving forward in your life… leaving your relationship growth stunted.

You are risking sleepless nights, days of not speaking, and the fear of losing your relationship.

You wonder,

"What is the best way to say what I want?"

You have the same 2 or 3 arguments over and over again and it feels like you don’t know your spouse anymore…

Before you realize what’s going on, your disagreements end up causing more emotional  pain than you could ever imagine.

and it feels as though you can’t communicate your true feelings any longer, without stirring up another heated row

Your relationship is now like a house where two strangers live together…

…​and you probably feel like you’ve tried it all yet it seems like nothing can fix it

Trust me when I say this, it doesn’t have to be this way!​

At this point,

All you need are PROVEN strategies (not “maybes”), that will walk you through the path to make sure your relationship gets the help it needs…

Unlike other things you’ve tried before that may have not given you the results you want…

We’ve carefully documented the steps we PRACTICALLY used in order to keep our own struggling marriage exciting and peaceful again. 



Stop Struggling & Start Loving with PROVEN STRATEGIES embedded in this challenge to rediscover your love spark and live a happier relationship.

Each day you will learn  proven trategies to solve problems in your  relationship…

So just attending one day of the challenge  will give you enough information to easily and quickly transform your relationship toward a positive outcome.



By the end of this challenge, you will have a road-map for healthy communication and connection with your partner

You will feel equipped and confident to address ANY of the issues that matter to you.

You will know the difference between enabling unhealthy behavior from your spouse and taking personal responsibility for yourself.

You'll have the clarity and skill to work through disagreements (while holding your boundaries) without drowning in emotions and self-doubt.

You'll experience freedom as you dismantle lies about healthy communication: no more mothering or gray areas!

As a couple, you'll enjoy marriage again as you'll have the tools to knock down communication barriers faster so you can resolve conflict.

Dr. and Mrs Todd In action


It’s all easy when you learn our simple proven strategy for quickly making your relationship peaceful, content, and exciting again.

What Makes the Different? Meet the Presenters and Read a bit of their story


20th Anniversary vow renewal








Hi, Dr. and Mrs. Todd here

We’re professional counselors and coaches with over 22 years of professional experience and 20 years of marriage.

However, don’t let the glossy images fool you. What you don’t see is the childhood history of abuse, domestic violence, abandonment, church hurt, rejection by our peers, and in some cases, parental neglect. Thes traumas no doubt had a real impact on our ability to bond as a couple and to love more and fight less. After years of struggling to keep our relationship, we dug deeper into the world of relationship science and began to apply the skills to our lives first, then with our clients, which now include more than 1000 couples, women, and men. We have conducted more than 15000 individual and couples sessions over the last decade specifically, and we have discovered the tools to find peace; we discovered a set of secrets.

After getting our hands on these secrets,

 Our relationship transformed, and so did the relationships of the people we worked with. 

The fighting (which had its roots in fear and trauma) stopped. Today we communicated effectively and really valued and appreciated each other, and we want to give the same gift to you. 

What changed?

It was a simple shift in the way we thought about each other. 

And we began sharing those proven methods with other couples. 

and It worked!

People who fought constantly and felt they were losing their relationship suddenly saw things turn around.

They were fighting less or not at all. Frustration and anger were replaced by tenderness, love, and passion.

My Relationship with my husband has evolved so much since I've been listening to Dr Todd Facebook segments. I listen more to my husband as I often dominate the marriage. It use to be my way, and I use to malice my husband for days / weeks if I didn't get my way.
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
The most significant take away is that I realized how broken I was and it's based on my childhood and what I was exposed to growing up with my West Indian Parents.

Zasha Swan
From Australia
Therapy is not for everyone. But if you can admit to yourself you are not happy with yourself or with your partner, consulting or listening to Dr Todd is worth a try . He is transparent and very astute on relationship conflicts. I've been in therapy for about a year now, and it's way different than how Dr Todd presents it
Joseph Treece
From Delaware, USA
I used to blame myself for a lot of conflicts in my marriage. But after participating with his workshops I quickly realize, we both have lots of unresolved issues. I can now instantly identify my faults and my spouses demise during a conflict. My Marriage is now Stronger and healthier.
From United Kingdom

What This Challenge Will Show You..

This course isn't just philosophy, it is packed with skills you can implement immediately.

Plus, you won't need to sit in weeks of counseling or try to convince your spouse that you need to fix something.

In this challenge, you will learn;

A little known method to start communicating with your partner that will make you recover the love and deep satisfaction you hadn’t experienced since your early days together.

How to properly listen to one another, and become aware of your “Reaction and Response” to any given situation. We'll teach you our Foundational Shifts that are different from anything you’ve done before, that will change your marriage for good. ​ ​

Learn exactly How to keep a fight from getting out of hand and what you can do to make a lasting positive change.(This will stop you from riding the roller coaster of highs and lows in your relationship.

The simple steps to dramatically improve communication to avoid disagreements with better understanding

The easy to understand method to achieve far better happiness love, understanding, and passion back in your lives

How to truly make lasting change in your relationship (In the video will work with you to determine the reasons for your continuing conflict, and then provide you with the specific tools you need to work past that conflict and enjoy a mutually loving, respectful relationship).

How to address an issue without causing your partner to tune-out (Once you know what these are and what they look like, you can start to address them head on, for the long-term benefit of your relationship!)

And many many more.

We've created this challenge to get you far away from whatever situation you have going on right now, to bring your relationship back into the light.

By stopping you from Walking on eggshells, feeling painfully anxious from the tension between you and your partner. ​

Act now. Right now!

So click the link below and get the help your marriage needs right away!​

Get Access To Love More. Fight Less

- Presenters -
Carlos Todd,
Ph.D., LCMHC & Natasha Pemberton-Todd, LCMHCS