An online Course for singles looking to find true love and couples seeking resolution of current problems.

A 6 Hour Course by Carlos Todd, PhD & Natasha Pemberton-Todd, LPCS

"The one thing that will make you choose the wrong person, stay with the wrong person, mistreated and chase away the right person is TRAUMA"​

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What if you could stop getting in relationships with the wrong people.

What if you could understand why there is so much conflict in your relationship.

What if you could embrace your partner the way you truly desire in your heart.

What if you could stop feeling so angry all the time.

It is possible to improve your romantic relationships, but first, you must learn the often hidden impact emotional, physical, or sexual trauma impacts the WAY WE LOVE.

Trauma is a silent but resilient enemy that is often the CHIEF cause of relationship problems.

If you were ever abused (physically, sexually or emotionally), lost a parent (by death or abandonment), moved repeatedly as a child, witness domestic violence, saw violence in a around your neighborhood, never felt you had a voice in your childhood home, had a parent who provided but you never felt connected, had parents who never seem to stand up for you then this webinar is for YOU.

Oddly enough the responses you may have had from the initial trauma like worry, anger, anxiety, withdrawal or even submissiveness may have been protective in the past, but they now may be the very things that are keeping you from experiencing a happy relationship. You were not meant to be controlled by trauma. Let it go. Take your life back.

HEALING PAST TRAUMA is an extremely effective way of learning the sources of past pain

HEALING PAST TRAUMA is an extremely effective way of learning the sources of past pain, make peace with that pain, and ultimately choose a soulmate and/or find peace with your current partner. After working with 100’s of couples, Dr. Carlos Todd will give you the simple strategies to understand and heal your trauma.

Trauma does not have to ruin your romantic life anymore. What are you waiting for?

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What our clients say!

My Relationship with my husband has evolved so much since I've been listening to Dr Todd Facebook segments. I listen more to my husband as I often dominate the marriage. It use to be my way, and I use to malice my husband for days / weeks if I didn't get my way.
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
The most significant take away is that I realized how broken I was and it's based on my childhood and what I was exposed to growing up with my West Indian Parents.

Zasha Swan
From Australia
Therapy is not for everyone. But if you can admit to yourself you are not happy with yourself or with your partner, consulting or listening to Dr Todd is worth a try . He is transparent and very astute on relationship conflicts. I've been in therapy for about a year now, and it's way different than how Dr Todd presents it
Joseph Treece
From Delaware, USA
I used to blame myself for a lot of conflicts in my marriage. But after participating with his workshops I quickly realize, we both have lots of unresolved issues. I can now instantly identify my faults and my spouses demise during a conflict. My Marriage is now Stronger and healthier.
From United Kingdom


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Yes.  We provide personal sessions at www.masteringconflict.com  

If for some reasons you cannot enroll please contact me at ctodd@masteringconflict.com

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