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"Conflicts can destroy your relationship. Our sole purpose is to give you the tools to fight fair and build the kind of intimacy you deserve."

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My Relationship with my husband has evolved so much since I've been listening to Dr Todd Facebook segments. I listen more to my husband as I often dominate the marriage. It use to be my way, and I use to malice my husband for days / weeks if I didn't get my way.
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
The most significant take away is that I realized how broken I was and it's based on my childhood and what I was exposed to growing up with my West Indian Parents.

Zasha Swan
From Australia
Therapy is not for everyone. But if you can admit to yourself you are not happy with yourself or with your partner, consulting or listening to Dr Todd is worth a try . He is transparent and very astute on relationship conflicts. I've been in therapy for about a year now, and it's way different than how Dr Todd presents it
Joseph Treece
From Delaware, USA
I used to blame myself for a lot of conflicts in my marriage. But after participating with his workshops I quickly realize, we both have lots of unresolved issues. I can now instantly identify my faults and my spouses demise during a conflict. My Marriage is now Stronger and healthier.
From United Kingdom

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