Welcome from Carlos Todd, PhD and Natasha Pemberton-Todd, LPCS

Carlos Todd, PhD & Natasha Pemberton-Todd, LPC, LPCS

​Dr. Todd and Mrs. Todd are dedicated to helping men, women and couples transform the pain of childhood trauma into triumphant living in their individual lives and marriages. Dr. and Mrs. Todd have been married for 15 years. Dr. Todd is a native of Barbados and Mrs. Todd is a Native of Trinidad and Tobago. They are both mental health counselors with more than 30 years combined of experience in the field. They are also both licensed in the State of North Carolina as Counselors. They both hold bachelors and master’s degrees from Andrews University and Dr. Todd holds a PhD in Education. Dr. Todd’s dissertation focused on creating a model for organizational conflict management.

​Dr. Todd focuses his clinical work on anger and conflict in its varied forms. As a childhood survivor of domestic violence he has the personal experience of dealing with an unsafe, unstable home and the journey of through that pain into a happy, productive life as a husband, father, and clinician. It is this passion for self-improvement, the drive to understand conflict and the heart for helping couples find love through conflict that infuses his work.

Natasha is a powerhouse who stands on her own. She too grew up in a home where her guardians where emotionally unavailable. The pain and loneliness of this childhood lead her on her own personal journey to be the wife, mother and professional she is today. Today, Mrs. Todd works to help women and children overcome trauma. Both Mrs. Todd and Dr. Todd are transparent about their own pain and journey of recovery. They consider themselves fellow travelers on the road to being better humans. Working together Natasha and Dr. Todd provide, individuals & couples the skills to reduce internal and external conflicts with the goal of creating men and women who live their true calling, and more connected and productive relationships.

The Todds refer to their home as Toddville and have dubbed themselves the King, Queen and Princess of Toddville. God, family, fun and the pursuit of knowledge are central to their family life.

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