An online webinar for singles looking to find true love and couples seeking resolution of current problems.  

A 4-hour course.  
Carlos Todd, PhD

"The one thing that will make you choose the wrong person, stay with the wrong person, mistreated and chase away the right person is TRAUMA"

Carlos Todd, PhD


What if you could stop getting in relationships with the wrong people.

                 What if you could understand why there is so much conflict in your relationship.

             What if you could embrace out partner the way you truly desire in your heart.

                                                What if you could stop feeling so angry all the time

It is possible to do them all.. but first you must learn the often hidden impact that trauma creates on the WAY WE LOVE.   

Trauma is a silent but resilient enemy that is often the CHIEF cause behind relationship problems.

Oddly enough the responses you may have had from the initial trauma like worry, anger, anxiety, withdrawal or even submissiveness may have been protective in the past but they now may be the very things that are keeping you from experiencing a happy relationship. You were not meant to be controlled by trauma. Let it go. Take your life back.  

Your body will always keep score. Without the language to understand and express your pain trauma silently seeks resolution often thought body pains or even seeking the to bring people in your life who have same or similar traits as the individual who was the source of the trauma. This cycle can be stopped. You deserve better. 

Trauma is not something you deserve. It is not something anyone signs up for. However it a reality that you may know all too well. the memories, the pain, the failure to have the life your dreamed of. The many failed relationships. The ways you sabotage relationships that could actually have worked out. the way you may be destroying a perfectly good relationship now. What if the trauma can be resolved and the relationships you seek can be a reality.

It can be.

I know this not only professionally but personally. Growing up I witnessed domestic violence from the age of 5 to 13. these experiences made me anxious and controlling. These traumatic experiences heavily infused who I chose to be in a relationship in and how I behaved in these relationship. In some ways I am ashamed of the me that I was. Selfish, controlling, anxious and more improperly blind to the fact that it was the trauma of the past that was acting like a puppet master that created havoc in previous  relationships and frankly almost cost me my marriage. 

The pursuit of a better me began when I was in my teens. Since then I completed a formal education of in counseling, worked with thousands of individuals and hundreds of couples to heal the impact of trauma. I have crystallized decades of knowledge and experience int into this 4 hour webinar to give you the TOOLS to recover from trauma and grow in your current relationships.

Learn in this webinar series how trauma is often the silent actor in the development of problem relationships. 

Single, in a relationship or  married, when you understand and finally remove the results of trauma from your life you will:

  • Learn the skills to stop choosing bad partners
  • Stop that feeling of knowing you are in the relationship with the wrong person but can't seem to let go
  • Understand where that feeling of being angry all the time came from and how to make it stop
  • Understand  how sexual abuse has cast a long shadow over your life and what to do to restore your life
  • Finally be able to share that painful secret with your partner so they can become an ally in your healing
  • No longer live as a victim but with the confident to attract and keep the partner you deserve 
  • Learn how unresolved trauma may be the cause of a pending divorce or breakup and what to do about it. 
  • Learn how criticism and giving the silent treatment has it roots in past trauma
  • Learn the many silent triggers that create create conflict in your relationship. 
  • Learn why you push the ones you love away.

HEALING PAST TRAUMA is an extremely effective way of learning the sources of past pain, make peace with that pain and ultimately choose a soulmate and/or find peace with your current partner. After working with 100's of couples Dr. Carlos Todd will give you the simple strategies to understand and heal your trauma.  

Trauma does not have to ruin your romantic life anymore. What are you waiting for?

How People React when I Post Regarding Trauma on my FaceBook Page

    Webinar Schedule



This four week live online webinar course will give you the tools to understand why people struggle in relationships.  
Class begins live online class begin July 9, 2019 at 8 pm. One class per week 90 mins with live Q and A with Dr. Carlos Todd 

Class Content and Schedule (Class begins at 9pm)

Week 1

What is Trauma and six sure signs that trauma is destroying WHO and HOW you love.

- July 9, 2019

Week 2

Abandonment: The reasons why we choose people who will abandon us or that we prematurely abandon.   

- July 16, 2019

Week 3

Physical abuse, anger and aggression in your childhood home and its impact adult
relationship - July 23 , 2019

Week 4

Emotional trauma: I love my partner, but I can’t seem to connect.

March  30, 2019

Cost - $97

Enrollment Begins June 7,  2019

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